Plan Globally, Act Locally

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About us

Confield MENA is one of the fastest growing leading companies in the MENA region with a solid experience across different international markets. We have our own fresh vision and immersive approach with our business to be different and remarkable.

The company was created in June 2007 and consists of a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals sharing a common approach. Our core expertise lies in the field of market research. We are a specialized provider of research solutions and consulting services to the business community in the Middle East region.

Confield MENA offers you the advantage of linking good skills on both classical and new methodologies in quantitative and qualitative surveys. We relie on specialized experts, permanents and associates. Above that, on a local experimented staff required for the realization of all type of studies.

Confiled-MENA provide you insights about the customer needs, requirements and expectations. True measures are very important to indicate what other people need and how our customers are capable to meet their expectations and cope with the changes that the market witnesses in many aspects.

Confield-MENA is an outward looking, modern company making a difference and work for diverse clients across verticals.

Our values

  • Clients and respondents are at the heart of everything we do.
  • We take pride in what we do and think it is important.
  • We create teams of the best people.
  • We develop new ways of administering fieldwork and data management.
  • We learn from experience and seek out new ideas and ways of doing things.
  • We value contributions made by clients, respondents, recruiters and members of staff.

Our vision

We achieve a unique position in the market by helping our clients to have effective and strong knot with their customers.

We consider ourselves as knowledge supplier, as we gather information and inspirations from respondents in all sectors to be your most preferred research partner.

Our mission

Supply our research partners with streaming insights, inspirations, information and knowledge about their customers directly 24/7.